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    Commercial Roofing, Commercial Roof Replacement, Commercial Metal Roofing, and Commercial Flat Roof in Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and the Surrounding Areas

    There are thousands of commercial roofs in and around Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and the surrounding areas, and those roofs will eventually need attention.

    KMR Enterprises has an experienced crew that can handle any sized commercial roofing project and will take the time and attention needed to not just replace a commercial flat roof or commercial metal roof but will evaluate the full roofing structure to address issues that would cause premature failure to make a final product that will stand up to the weather. Contact our team today to learn more about our commercial roof replacement services.

    Commercial Roofing and Roof Replacement Project Near Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach, FL

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    KMR is a morally sound company with great values which is hard to find in S. FLA! KMR Enterprises is operated by the kindest, most caring guy you will ever find in this industry! If you want honesty and integrity call KMR!

    Randy S.

    KMR renovated our house to be more contemporary, we are soo happy with the results.... two of our neighbors used them after seeing the beautiful work they did with our house. Under budget and on time!!!

    Big Drone

    KMR helped my company build out a custom warehouse with a loft, kitchen, bathrooms and employee break room. Our budget was tight but Chris and his team went above and beyond.... I still am amazed how fast and on budget KMR was. VERY PLEASED and will use them again as we grow!

    Fruit Delivery

    Quality work, honest, on time and VERY professional! Will use KMR again.  

    Valued Customer

    KMR did a great job at our house when they sent BARREIRO MARANATHA,INC to repair an air conditioned closet. In a scale of 1 to 10 they were 10.

    Paul Pellitieri

    Kris and his team led by Oscar did an amazing job on our home. Due to water damage and mold, we needed our entire upstairs renovated. KMR came highly recommended by the mold remediation company. I am so happy with the work they did. All of the workers were professional, hard workers and kind. We love our new bathrooms and ...

    Joanne M.

    KMR rebuilt portions of 5 rooms in my new house affected by water damage and mold remediation. The overall services were outstanding. The owner is accessible and very responsive to his clients. His scope of work was thoroughly documented and project supervision over the crew had meticulous attention to detail in order to assure I was satisfied. My job had ...

    J. Ferro

    KMR did a fantastic job on our remodel. Crew was very nice and exceptionally clean and tidy while at our home. My wife was very pleased so this naturally made me like them even more. Great craftsmanship and attention to detail. Great job guys!

    Jodi Shelton

    Professional work. Fair price and great costume service. I really recommend KMR general contractor.

    Tile & Marble Installation

    Chris and his construction team from KMR Enterprises did an excellent job on a timely basis to restore my home. My hot water heater burst while I was at my home in New Jersey and flooded a large portion of my home. Kris and his crew restored my home to a better condition than it was before the flood. Kris was ...

    Alan T.

    We are and have been really happy working with Kris at KMR Enterprises. He has really professional and his Company's work is excellent. I highly recommend KMR..

    Mike Wylie

    Amazing customer service and a great company to work with! Kris will always find a way to get the job done. I called them for some repair work to my outdoor kitchen, and they took care of it the next day. Like

    Chris Rowlands

    Great company, fair pricing and reliable! Kris and his crew are very pleasant to work with. Highly recommend!

    Tiago Alves

    Supplied quality work and timely support to our multi million $ project. Highly recommend them.

    Phil C.

    My mother-in-law recently contracted with KMR Enterprises of Delray Beach, FL to repair her kitchen due to a mold problem from a leak in her roof. The Company remodeled her kitchen in a timely, and extremely professional manner. They did a wonderful job! I would definitely recommend KMR Enterprises to family and friends and would use them for all my ...

    Dawn Marcus

    It was an outstanding experience working with KMR and their staff! top-notch highly recommend it!

    Jim B

    Excellent company, their work is synonymous to perfection. Only contractor I have dealt with that meets their deadline. Fair pricing.

    Pedro J.

    Great service, great work, very fair price, very easy to work with. Would 100% work with them again.

    Martha J.


    Offering a No Dollar Limit Warranty

    For any of the commercial roofing projects that our crew is involved in, we can offer a no-dollar limit warranty when we perform a full commercial roof replacement. You can look at the wide range of commercial projects that we have completed in Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and the surrounding areas. Contact KMR Enterprises today to start the process of your commercial roof replacement.

    Boca Raton, FL Commercial Metal Roofing Installation

    Commercial Metal Roofing

    There are several benefits to commercial metal roofing for your commercial building. One of the top reasons is that commercial metal roofing is a very durable and long-lasting roofing material. The commercial metal roofing that we install will last at least the next 40 years and often longer. These metal roofs don’t crack, split, chip, rot, or warp, which are all issues with asphalt roofs or other roofing materials that are commonly used on commercial roofing projects.

    Commercial metal roofing is also energy efficient as it helps to keep your heating and cooling costs stable, especially over many years since they don’t break down as other roofing materials do. Commercial metal roofing also provides a great base on which to install solar paneling, which provides renewable energy to use powering lights and other electrical needs inside your commercial building.

    Commercial Flat Roofing

    In many cases, a flat roof is the right option for a commercial building. Commercial flat roofing has less surface area, and therefore ends up being less expensive because the amount of materials is reduced when compared with a sloped roof. Not only that but a flat roof provides a convenient location for HVAC systems which keeps them away from vandalism and damage, and the cool air from the HVAC system can naturally filter from top to bottom in the commercial building.

    Commercial flat roofing actually isn’t completely flat but instead has a minor slope to help the building shed water. It becomes easy to spot areas that need to be addressed, such as a leak in the roof, and those who are working on the roof typically do not need the additional harness and safety gear required on sloped or pitched roofs.

    Commercial Flat Roof Near Boynton Beach and Delray Beach, FL

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