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KMR has years of experience in commercial and home construction management, which is what you want when you have a large project that you need to have completed on-time and on-budget. By following our methodology and utilizing industry-standard tools, KMR can provide professional and precise construction management services for your next project. Let KMR handle the logistics involved with managing a project and keeping everyone informed and on time.

What does a construction manager do?

Quality Management

A construction project manager deals with a number of contractors and even subcontractors to do various aspects of a project.  As such, the construction manager needs to inspect what these contractors and subcontractors have done to ensure that there are no corners being cut, inferior materials being used, etc.  KMR is your expert eyes to ensure quality.

Cost Management

It never seems to fail: something unexpected will come up during your remodel project.  The job of the construction manager is to make proper adjustments without having the cost get out of control.  KMR does construction estimation to ensure that these unexpected events rarely happen, and when they do it isn’t a headache.

Safety Management

Safety is an utmost concern on any project site.  No one wants to get injured, as that can mean setbacks on a project timeline or additional costs.  KMR makes safety a priority with all contractors and subcontractors on the job.

Contract Administration

As the customer, you expect that all aspects of the contract will be satisfied.  Your remodel project isn’t complete until and unless all plumbing is hooked up and running, all lights, switches and outlets are connected and working, and everything else agreed upon at the start of the project.  The construction project manager ensures that all of these items get checked and that you are satisfied with the work.

Keep Everyone Informed

This can sometimes be a difficult aspect, but it’s very important to keep all parties updated on the progress of the project.  As the customer, you want regular updates on the progress, to be made aware of any surprises and setbacks, and to know what is being done to address these.  The contractors and subcontractors on the job need to be made aware of the timeline of the project and how their part impacts the whole of the project.

KMR Knows Construction Management. Contact us today for your next project.

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